How Does It Work?

It's quick, safe and easy to do .... Simply apply the Bright-n-White bleaching gel to the teeth, direct the heated bleaching light to the front of the mouth and press start. After the first 15 minute application, a second application of gel will be reapplied to the teeth and the process is then repeated.

Is it Safe for Sensitive Teeth?

Bright-n-White is FDA approved and is safe for all to use. The unit comes with 3 degrees of adjustable light intensity, perfect for those who may have sensitive teeth.

Why is Bright-n-White More Effective?

The Bright-n-White teeth whitening system uses a unique blend of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide based teeth whitening gel along with an activator.

The Bright-n-White system comes with a built-in inferred filter. The filter helps regulate the amount of heat generated at the surface of the teeth by filtering the emissions of the bleaching process. The Bright-n-White system is capable of whitening both the upper and lower teeth simultaneously with one 30 minute visit!

Last updated March 04 2013.
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