Sylvania/Perrysburg Beds


Bed: Tan America Fiesta
Time: 20 Minutes
Facials: 1 (x500 Watts)
Features: In-bed Fan Control, Facial On/Off Switch


Bed: Tan America Catalina
Time: 15 Minutes
Facials: 3 (x500 Watts)
Features: Internal Adjustable Fan System, Reflector Bulbs, Facial On/Off Switch

Mega (Sylvania Exclusive)

Bed: Tan America Matrix L58
Time: 12 Minutes
Facials: 4 (x1000 Watts)
Features: Internal Air Conditioning System, Reflector Bulbs, Extra Wide Bottom Acrylic

Bed: Tan America Matrix L33 (Sylvania Exclusive)
Time: 15 Minutes
Facials: 6 (x1000 Watts) and 27 (x620 Watts)
Features: Rotating Center Lamp Banks, Internal & External Air Conditioning, Internal AM/FM/CD Stereo with built-in speakers
Awards: 2007 Industry Choice Award for Best High-Pressure Tanning Bed

Booth: Sun Capsule Prosonic
Time: 9 Minutes
Features: Internal speaker system, high-intensity fan system (for a more comfortable tanning experience)

Booth: Mystic Tan
Time: 1 Minute
Features: Sunless (UV-Free) Tanning! Lasts approximately 7-10 days. Ideal for pregnant women or people who find difficulty in tanning with regular UV exposure. (NOTE: Results may vary depending on individual skin types)

All of our rooms feature built-in speakers playing satellite radio.

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